The Ushakov Medal – President Putin Awards Medals

Update – 20th June 2013

The Ushakov medal is presented to Veterans…

President Putin hands top bravery honours to Arctic Convoy veterans – view article HERE

Ushakov Medal Presentation – view an article by Westminster Russia Forum HERE

We are delighted that the British Government has now allowed the Russia to present these medals to the surviving veterans


The Russian Government has awarded the Ushakov medal for bravery and courage to World War II veterans from across the world.

The governments of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA have granted permission to the veterans of the Arctic Convoys to be awarded the Ushakov Medal, however the British government has refused permission to our own veterans.

David Craig, one of our May 2013 Loch Ewe Veterans was interviewed recently by the BBC which you can see HERE

“Today is about Remembrance.. but the fight goes on” (David Craig)

More information, the e-petition and the stories of veterans is on

The Ushakov Medal page HERE

Photos; Ivor Beaven, Edward Farrance, flowers for Jock Dempster, yellow roses for Stanley McKessock

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